A lifelong individualized program in a community based setting.

Our Engage Program offers long-term, community-based services and supports for individuals with disabilities who live along the shoreline towns in south central Connecticut. Individuals in the Engage Program receive support and training, choosing from a selection of services designed to flexibly meet their needs in the areas of life skills and case management.

The Engage Program consists of:

  • Life skills services including household, time, food, medication and money management as well as self-care, community integration, health, safety, and companion services
  • Counseling supports are provided both 1-1 and in group settings for the member's development of self-awareness, individuality, self-esteem, competence, resilience, coping skills, optimism about their future and increased autonomy

If you are interested in hearing more about our Engage Program, please contact our Admissions Department at admissions@vistalifeinnovations.org.