A lifelong individualized program in a community based setting.

Our Engage Program offers long-term, community-based services and supports for individuals with disabilities who live along the shoreline towns in south central Connecticut. Individuals in the Engage Program receive support and training, choosing from a selection of services designed to flexibly meet their needs in the areas of life skills and case management.

The Engage Program consists of:

  • Life skills services including household, time, food, medication and money management as well as self-care, community integration, health, safety, and companion services
  • Counseling supports are provided both 1-1 and in group settings for the member's development of self-awareness, individuality, self-esteem, competence, resilience, coping skills, optimism about their future and increased autonomy

Outreach Services

Members who receive our Outreach Services benefit from the support of our traditional case management and service coordination model while living independently in the community. Our Program Counselors provide counseling supports and household coordination. Additionally, Program Counselors work with each member to ensure that they receive the highest level of services in areas where they demonstrate a need for additional support.

Community Support Services

Individuals who participate in our Community Support Services have demonstrated a level of autonomy and independence that does not necessitate the need for case management services. In general, members are able to manage their own basic life skills, can problem solve independently and are able to advocate for themselves when needed. When oversight or additional support is needed, it is typically provided by a family member or other reliable individual. Members must meet eligibility criteria in order to participate in our Community Support Services and may purchase life skills, employment and recreation services as needed.

Intensive Support Services

For a small group of members who need intensive external support and a highly structured routine, we offer our Intensive Support Services. This unique blend of services is offered to members who need intensive support to maintain their motivation to accomplish the tasks of daily living, integrate into Vista and community-based activities, and benefit from opportunities for increased positive social interactions. Services are based upon our four core areas of focus: vocational skills, life skills, social-cognitive development, and community involvement, and are customized to meet the distinctive needs and interests of each member. It allows those members who need a high level of support in daily living to maintain their self-worth and peer relations in a community that they know and where they are accepted.

If you are interested in hearing more about our Engage Program, please contact our Admissions Department at admissions@vistalifeinnovations.org.