Employment Services

Our employment services include:

  • Job development for assessments, internships, volunteer and paid employment as well as ongoing job coaching supports are provided on an individualized bases
  • An individualized approach to finding the right job place for each individual that we work with
  • Evaluation and assessment of individual strengths and challenges in identified employment field
  • As a vendor, Vista works with various state agencies such as BESB and Workers Rehab, to provide employment services

Our professional and well trained team of job developers and coaches:

  • Assist in training and acclimation to new jobs
  • Through creative and individualized systems and strategy development, our job coaches assist students and members in learning complex work tasks and honing the skills necessary to maintain long-term employment


If you are interested in hearing more about our Employment Services, please contact our Admissions Department at admissions@vistalifeinnovations.org.