Bike Club Blog

The Vista Bike Club gives our students and members the chance to do practice cycling rides through the Westbrook area in preparation for the Tour de Shore. The 2022 Bike Club is led by staff member Roger Krasusky, who will document the group's progress in this blog. Check back weekly - or join the group on one of their rides! Please send a note to Lori Cartwright at if you plan to meet the group.

Future ride dates: Mondays, Sept. 19, 26, & Oct. 6; 4:00-5:30pm
Location: Vista Westbrook Campus, 1356 Old Clinton Rd



Upon arrival, the Bike Club members enjoyed a healthy protein snack and engaged in discussion about the importance of drinking some water before their ride to be properly hydrated/energized. During this time, their bikes were re-inspected for safety and mechanical reliability.

Because the ride route for this week increased from 2 miles to 5 miles, the Club members were organized into ‘riding pairs’ to instill accountability and teamwork. An additional staff rider joined the group this week and was assigned as ‘sweeper’ to ensured that every pair could pedal at their own pace and would not be left behind.

While on this ride, Club members were introduced to a Westbrook police officer at a pre-determined point half-way through the planned route at the Westbrook Town Beach parking lot. The purpose: reinforcing bike safety, following “the rules of the road,” obeying all traffic signs, and understanding that bicycles are considered as vehicles. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect!” There were plenty of stop-signs along quiet Seaside Avenue, allowing Club members to apply their braking and shifting skills at each intersection.

Overall, this was another successful event. Looking forward to our ride for Week 3; we will cover the same route yet challenge ourselves to improve our ride time (shorter time means faster pace). The focus will be on building stamina and endurance for rides of a greater distance.

Roger K.

Vista Bike Club members tackled a longer route this week, biking from the Westbrook Campus to Hawk's Nest



Following a rain-out last week, the 2022 Vista Bike Club held their first gathering today.

The Club members held a meet-n-greet inside while enjoying some healthy snacks and discussing important items to have when cycling.

Once outside, we accomplished a bike safety check and review of riding standards (e.g., rules of the road). During this time, we reviewed our travel route and established "bike buddies" in the event of any unplanned situations. Then our group of 7 headed out on our first ride.

Along the route, we stopped at a parking lot and reviewed "shifting gears" and briefly discussed why this is important for performance, safety, and comfort.

We enjoyed a quick view of the ocean and then pedaled back to the Westbrook campus.

The participating riders demonstrated various levels of cycling abilities. Future meetings will be tailored to help them perform at their best potential.

Roger K.